Friday 14 June 2019

Frankel Watch: Frankel Racing Tips

Searching for Google keywords. 

It's the only way to keep ahead of the game. You will notice that Frankel Blog is top of the tree for many keywords because we write quality articles about the best two-year-olds (2yo) before they make their debut. We have detailed many juveniles from stables big and small. 

Take a look at these two articles: 

5 Frankel 2yos to Follow in 2019 

To a real powerhouse of a stable - Sir Michael Stoute, at Freemason Lodge Stables. 

10 Sir Michael Stoute Frankel 2yos for 2019 

There is much to look forward to. That's why we love to detail the best-thoroughbred Frankel offspring each and every Flat season. It is a sad fact that there is very few websites/blogs dedicated to Frankel offspring/progeny in the horse racing setting. Y  

You see plenty of words from Juddmonte Farms, who, rightfully, exclaim the triumphs of Frankel winners of all ages. There are lots to be excited about and we love to hear their news because they literally have their finger on the pulse. 

But what about a website/blog dedicated to Frankel Racing Tips. That would be something special. I'm not sure if any horse racing tipsters do this specifically. I very much doubt they do - just part of a wave of tips: the good, bad and ugly. 

However, Frankel Blog never sits back and watches the world go by. For that reason, we will be giving a few Frankel Racing Tips. They will be specific to Frankel 2yo racing because we know it pays to specialise within a niche. 

Just like Sir Henry Cecil, he was a master of his trade not the Jack of all trades. 

So if you want the best information about Frankel offspring and winners then take a look at Frankel Blog. 

Thanks for your support.