In general, we are not in the business of promoting other websites but there is one which readers may have heard - Frankel Watch. 

Please take a moment to review their Facebook Frankel Watch page. It's a cracking platform detailing the latest news about Frankel and especially the two-year-old colts and fillies to race in the United Kingdom and stories of Frankel success on a global scale. 

This is what there ''About Page'' has to say:

"After three seasons of racing at the highest level with nary a loss, Frankel was celebrated as one of the greatest racehorses by the end of his career, and many noteworthy judges of form and class rated him the best racehorse ever.

As a result of Frankel's exceptional ability and heralded athleticism, there has not been a comparable level of anticipation about a young sire's produce since the first foals and yearlings by Secretariat came to the sales in 1975 and '76.

So, since Frankel's retirement to stud and first covering season in 2013 on Valentine's Day, one of the great sources of comment and interest in the world of breeding has been; how good the progenies of Frankel will be?"

So in this regard, this page will keep track of each and every progeny of his and will be updated as soon as I see one of them carted to run.''

Other pages of interest:

@Frankel_Watch Twitter