Wednesday 24 July 2019

Where can I find a List of the Most Talented 2yo Frankel Horses Running this Season?

They say knowledge is power.

From betting for umpteen years I appreciate that as a fact. You know, it is surprising how much information is waiting to be found on the internet. A lot of free resources which really should cost decent money have at hand.

The world of blogging and horse racing websites is competitive and they give you plenty without costing you a penny. 

Remember the old days where the only way you would get a publication of the Racing Post or Sporting Life. Yep, you had to go to the newsagents and pay for it with pounds, shillings and pence. Not these days, as you can see all the racecards, results and plenty of stories for gratis. 

We take all these things as being ''as it should be'' often without thanks. We only realise how much we depend on this information when there is a glitch. We hurridly visit Twitter to raise our concern in a manner which is far from grateful. 

Thankfully these platforms keep us informed with the hope we will become a paid subscriber. 

Writing posts for Frankel Blog is a straightforward process because I simply use the free information at hand. Basically the Racing Post and Juddmonte Farms Stallions pages. They are excellent. 

I would be lost without this data. 

However, many horse racing fans don't know where to start. The internet is very good a forwarding information but at times it is like the postman has delivered 1,000 letters when you really want the most appropriate mail addressed to you. 

Hence the question to this blog post: Where can I find a List of the Most Talented 2yo Frankel Horses Running this Season?

You don't need to look any further than click this link here to find Frankel 2yo racehorses for now and future seasons

Always here to help.