Sunday 15 November 2020

The Horse Breeds You Should Know For Racing

Horse racing is a practice that has been around for quite some time. It has only been for the past 200 years that people have used the sport as a means of making money through gambling. Speaking of gambling, before we get into the horse breeds specifically, do not forget to check out Sportsbet, who are perfect for the latest horse betting odds and predictions! 

Anyway, back on to horses. You will find that there are many breeds out there that all will provide the different attributes when it comes to horse racing. Some horses run better for longer distances than others, while others are perfect for the quick bursts of energy needed to dart across the finish line. Race horse breeding is a business and many a time, it calls for a pedigree inbreeding to make the perfect horse, as you will see. Continue reading for all the low-down. 

Arabian Horses 

No doubt you have heard of the Arabian horse breed. They are known around the world for having exceptional intellect and emotional disposition that is gentle towards humans. Their physical traits of course include the fact that they have extremely muscular bodies with great stamina. For centuries, Arabian horses were used to race across desserts and long distances, these horses are known for endurance. Going way back in history, many used these beauties for assistance in warfare and trade. Resilience at its finest. 

The Arabian horse also shares really big features. At 61 inches tall, this horse can weigh up to 600 kilograms, which still is not as large as the thoroughbreds though, you will see later on. But this horse is as old as it can possibly get for breeds of horses. You will find that there is no breed that has lived longer than this and quite frankly through horse evolution, this horse has never had to change either, because it is that perfect. 

Thoroughbred Horses 

Of course, horse fanatics everywhere will definitely know of this horse-there is no doubt about that! This horse is the most prominent breed in all of horse racing history, why? Well let’s just say that these horses are really resilient when it comes to owning the racetrack and making it their own. They have been bred however, with some other fine legends of horses, like Arabian, Turkman and Barb. So, essentially you will find that this horse is very new to the world of horses, as it doesn't stand alone and singularity when it comes to bloodline. 

Due to the large mix in the interbreeding process, you will find that this horse actually fares much better than other horses out there. Usually this horse can be as large as 67 inches and weigh up to 1400 pounds too! Along that, their bodies are very muscular and strongly shaped, meaning if anything, they are highly prepared to tackle the racetrack and fly away! A way of characterising this horse amongst others, is to pay attention to the chestnut, black or grey colours, in complexion and coat colour. They really are bred for power and racing results!

Quarter Horse 

This breed takes the name due to being bred directly from the American Quarter horse. This horse is highly recognised within the racing world and if anything, one of the oldest horses that the American region has to offer. Americans favour this horse as it sprints very fast, with top recorded speeds of 89 kilometres per hour. To spot this horse you will need to look out for the strong facial features and pronounced nostrils that it shares. In addition to this, their bodies are very well defined for muscular strength with a powerfully extended and broad chest. Definitely one of the more bulkier horses in stature. 

The height of these horses, usually is below the Thoroughbred, but not too far behind despite it. At 64 inches maximum in height, these horses have coats of bay, grey, brown or black. Again, they are highly popular for usage within the racing world-particularly America, more than anywhere else. This horse is right up there as one of the best around the world. Even the police force and hunting trails use this horse to assist their efforts.

Standardbred Horses 

A Standardbred horse is another fast trotter in the world of racing. Originating in the states, this horse boasts a very powerful body and muscular form that makes it stand out from the rest. They are mainly popular amongst show jumping and equestrian activities too, as their form is perfect for supporting the mass of themselves and the rider who rides. 

This horse is at the top when it comes to tipping the scales, perhaps not so much as the Thoroughbred horses, but still large anyway. At up to 1000 pounds and up to 68 inches tall, a Standardbred can often be taller than the Thoroughbred, and due to weighing less than them, they often are less stocky and leaner built in comparison. That is not to say that they do not have very well-developed muscles, no. This horse draws its power from its broad and powerful shoulders, alongside its strong hindquarters and legs. 

Riders particularly favour this horse over others, due to the discipline and calm nature they share towards humans. They also fare better when it comes to hunting activities especially, they know how to hold the fort and be excellent company to their riders. 

Paint Horse 

Paint horses are another one to add on the list because these beauties are the emblem of America, when it comes to horses. Their beautiful coats are so distinctive that you would have no trouble identifying them when they appear to the naked eye. The appearance is another reason as to why these horses are perfect for show jumping and general show horse events, as they are unmatched when it comes to beauty, talent and intelligence. Their coats are often white patches that are spread across their bodies, mixed with honey and bay colours, they are dominantly known for their beauty and unique nature. There is nothing more beautiful than watching these horses go!