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Eric Winner

A very popular website dedicated to sprint racing. Eric Winner has achieved over 600,000 page views and Awarded Top 60 Horse Racing Blogs Ranking. So what makes Eric's tips different to the rest? He has revealed that standard median times are flawed. That's why he calculated his own rating system which has seen the remarkable results. He has even tipped a 100/1 winner! With almost daily posts you will not lack for interest and big price tips that strangely go better than most punter's favourites.  

Sky Equine

If you want to know the best two-year-old horses and tips that hit the spot, you should take a look at Sky Equine. Ranked highly on Google for this niche it is a great website written by a professional gambler who knows his stuff. With over 30-years of experience, you will read words of wisdom and tips worthy of your time and money. 

Horse Trainer Directory 

The maxim with this website is: ''Why search for 1 trainer website when you can find 10 at the same time?'' That's the good thing with having a directory that details 100s of Flat/National Hunt trainer websites. Not only that, it details their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs... Top-ranked on Google as the leading Horse Trainer Directory has testimonials from the biggest names in the game. 


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