Sunday 22 December 2019

Name a Frankel Filly for 2020

I guess for many horseracing fans it would be a dream to own a thoroughbred. How much fun it would be to go to the sales, buy a yearling, choose your silks and think of a name. 

In truth, few people have the luxury of owning a racehorse. It isn't so much buying a horse as the cost of training and all those associated bills which come along. When you consider many two-year-old horses don't race more than four or five times in a season it equates to a huge sum of money for each contest they take part in. 

For that reason, syndicates are an option for every pocket. They can be as little as £200 a season to hundreds of thousands.

The ultimate dream would be to have enough money to buy a Frankel offspring and be the sole owner. You choose your silks, trainer, and think about a name that does you the horse proud. 

Perhaps this is on your wish list?

You have £1,000,000 to buy a Frankel filly and you get to name her. But what name would you choose? 

It is a very personal thing and I'm sure that is why we look at a lot of horse names and almost turn our nose up at them. 

''Who would name a horse that?''

The simple answer is someone with enough money to pay the bills. 

So what name would you pick for a Frankel filly? A debutante two-year-old who I would be hoping and praying would win in style.