Tuesday 4 February 2020

Tiz the Law Tops the Early Favorites for The 2020 Kentucky Derby

It's the season to be jolly again for all horse racing fans around the world as the biggest and grandest horse racing events, the U.S. Triple Crown Series will commence in the second quarter of this year. 

The Kentucky Derby will serve as the kick-off ceremony of the Triple Crown, which is also considered as the richest horse racing leg of the said event. It is then followed by the Preakness Stakes, and finally, the Belmont Stakes, which is the final leg of the series and considered as the most important game since it is where the Triple Crown titleholder gets declared. 

Before the Triple Crown will kick-off a few months from now, the horse racing community has released some horse racers that entails an early bet to the Kentucky Derby. Some say that it's too early to predict the Kentucky Derby race odds. However, bettors believed that it's the most effective way to foresee a deserving bet. 

It’s Tiz the Law who earned the spot of the top favorites to give the best racing show in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. He also gets the highest odds to win the Kentucky Derby crown this year? 

Will he be able to maintain these odds until the racing day? Let's get to know him better. 

Tiz the Law's Profile 

Tiz the Law is the current Champagne Stakes titleholder. He is a three-year-old thoroughbred horse racer who was foaled on March 19, 2017. He is bred by Sackatoga Stable and trained by Barclay Tagg. His jockey is Manuel Franco. Both his trainer and his jockey will have a debut run in the 2020 Kentucky Derby. 

Looking into his racing records, Tiz the Law has started three racing shows in his overall career. He tallied a total of two first-place achievements and one in third place. His overall earnings come in $347, 000. As he joins the Kentucky Derby in the next three months, he's looking to win the title, so his ranking will ultimately step-up. 

Before Tiz the Law will run in the 2020 Kentucky Derby, he will head to Holy Bull Stakes on February 1, 2020. It will take place in Gulfstream Park, Hadendalle, Florida and the prize at stake is around $350, 000. 

As he joins the Holy Bull Stakes, he is looking forward to winning the title so that his odds for the Kentucky Derby will increase and he can maintain his status as the favorite horse racer to win the "Run For The Roses" crown. 

Tiz The Law's Overall Achievements 

Although he is one of the newest horse racers to run in the Kentucky Derby, his racing records are impressive enough to make him top the early favorites list to win the Kentucky crown. His achievements were big, even though he only took part in a few races. The distance records, position at the gate, and the track he saddled up helped him gain the favorite votes from the fans. 

He got his first Maiden Special Weight race that took place last August 8, 2019, at Saratoga race track. He finished first though it's his first time joining, which made Sackatoga Stable own him right away. They send Tiz the Law on rigid training to take part in Stakes races, where he also did great. 

Last year, he took part in the Champagne Stakes that happened on October 5, 2019, at Belmont Park. After that, he tried his luck in the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, but he only ended in third place. Although didn’t place first in the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, Tiz the Law still earned the highest odds for the 2020 Kentucky Derby. 

Tiz the Law's Strengths 

If you look into the racing records of this horse racer, he might not have so many achievements compared to other racers in line to run in the Kentucky Derby. However, the fans believed that his debut run at the "Run For The Roses" will come as his primary inspiration to prove that a neophyte should not be considered as an underdog. 

Aside from that, Tiz the Law's running speed is outstanding as he placed the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes and won the Champagne Stakes. If he continues to train well and improve his running speed, there is no doubt that he can win the derby without any question. 


The Kentucky Derby is one of the anticipated horse racing events that the fans are looking forward to this year. Remember that last year, the derby did not end well as it faced the most controversial edition due to a disqualified winner. As it hopes to bounce back this year, the Kentucky Derby organization promise to feature the best horse racers in the country, including Tiz the Law, to give fans an unforgettable race.